Don’t do what I’ve been doing!

A corporate blog, or any blog related to your website – no matter the subject can be a great tool for your website and your business. In fact, somewhat like purple widget, it can BE your business. But no matter what you’re using your blog for, don’t neglect it! Don’t do what I’ve done, stop […]

Good New Bad News for Purple Widget

The good news is we’re # 1 on Yahoo for the search term purple widget! The bad news of course (besides nobody really searches for purple widget) nobody uses Yahoo! anymore… But, in about 9 days I’ve launched the website, moved to Google ranking spot # 4 and # 1 on Yahoo. Not bad […]

We’re Ranked!

And now, less than a week from launch this website is ranking for the term purple widget. I see us ranking 4th in Google (which is realistically the only engine that matters)! Purple Widget – Ranked 4th on Google Sorry about the small image – still learning WordPress. Click to view bigger! Although Google is […]

Shifting Google Index

Interesting happenings the past few days. On Oct 3rd I reported that Google had all 16 of our pages indexed, a few days later they had just 1 and now they have 4. Odd. I’ll continue to monitor our indexing.

It takes time for a website to rank

Randfish a very well known name in the SEO world, has written an article at his site SEOmoz that talks about what my site, Purple Widget is exploring. How long does it take to get ranked? Bottom line, it takes time. He points about that you can get ranked more quickly for less meaningful term […]

Full site indexed in Google

The entire Purple Widget website is now indexed in Google: It shows all 16 pages that existed (before this post created a new page). Of course we don’t rank in the Top 30 for the search term purple widget just yet – in fact we’re not in the Top 500 results, but it should […]

Google knows about us!

Purple Widgets is now LIVE in the Google index! Only 1 page, but we’re there! This isn’t a revelation by any means but still nice to see, took less than 3 full days: Pages from your site are included in Google’s index. See Index stats. Ironically it’s not the home page. But that will change […]

First Link to Purple Widget

Still haven’t been indexed by Google, no surprise – it’s still only day 3. But I do nearly have a Facebook Fan Page ready for Purple Widgets but it’s not yet live so there are no links to Purple Widget on the web….until now! I have posted a cute little celebrity video about voting on […]

Sitemap submitted

I’ve taken a step toward getting “seen” on the web. A sitemap.xml file has been submitted to Ask, MSN and Google. I used a WordPress plugin to automate this process for me. Status Your sitemap was last built on October 1, 2008 8:51 am. Your sitemap (zipped) was last built on October 1, 2008 8:51 […]

So what is purple widget all about?

I’m glad you asked. As you can see by the title this site is an SEO experiment. So that clears it up – right. Thanks for stopping by. Okay, a bit more. My name is Scott Endsley, I’m an SEO Marketing Strategist for VML in Kansas City. I’ve been doing search engine optimization for several […]