Search Engine Optimization Scams – Beware

They are everywhere. In email, on the web and on the phone. My colleague, a fellow SEO guru, just got one of these calls that prompted me to talk a bit about it. Search Engine Optimization gets a bad rap too often and it’s because of these kinds of scams. The reality is that there […]

Take it easy WordPress

One of the reasons for my purple widget SEO experiment was to gain more knowledge about blogs and how they worked and they performed in search engines. I had a bit of an idea about both but sometimes I learn better by doing (and sometimes I learn by getting punched in the head over and […]

Link Building and Stuff

Even though it has evolved from the single most important, easily manipulated method for improving search engine rankings it is still important that other sites on the World Wide Web link to your site. It tells search engines that other sites think your site has value. It’s a “vote” for your website. And the more […]