Are you ready for your SEO to work?

What happens when your SEO finally starts to work? You’ve been creating great content and fresh content for several months now. You’ve been building links and all your page titles are keyword research driven and page focused. And maybe you’ve seen some small increases in traffic and better rankings. But are you ready when your […]

Green Widget Ranking on Google Page 1

I haven’t checked it everyday but less than 3 weeks after putting up a single page with an optimized page title, file name and content my PAGE (not site) dedicated to Green Widgets ranks #6 on Google for the search term ‘Green Widget’! So just that quickly a page specifically designed to rank for a […]

I know there’s no magic bullet for SEO, but I need a magic bullet for SEO

As an SEO Specialist dealing with clients I have often said “there is no magic bullet for SEO” and then go on to explain that as many as 200 individual factors determine where you may rank for any given search, that those factors change often in both what they actually are and how important any […]

We have a new widget! Green Widgets have landed!

I’ll keep this brief. Mainly because I already said everything I wanted to say on the new page I’m about to introduce. I am excited to announce that we now feature a Green Widgets page! Why would a website dedicated to purple widgets need a green widgets page you ask? Simple, to continue proving my […]