Randfish a very well known name in the SEO world, has written an article at his site SEOmoz that talks about what my site, Purple Widget is exploring. How long does it take to get ranked? Bottom line, it takes time. He points about that you can get ranked more quickly for less meaningful term – such as purple widget (although he doesn’t use that example) but for terms with value that might actually drive traffic, it takes time.


The entire Purple Widget website is now indexed in Google:


It shows all 16 pages that existed (before this post created a new page).

Of course we don’t rank in the Top 30 for the search term purple widget just yet – in fact we’re not in the Top 500 results, but it should be noted that my personal blog that links to this site is the # 24 result on Google right now for purple widget…this post just went up yesterday.

I believe we are seeing 2 things demonstrated here. First, blogs are well liked by Google. My personal blog carries little authority and is not updated too often. Yet, only a day after a new article shows up about purple widgets it is not only indexed but a Top 30 result for that term. My personal blog has been around several months – a very short time in terms of websites in the history of time – but it’s not brand new is my point. Of course – just a reminder, as is largely the point of this (more…)

Purple Widgets is now LIVE in the Google index! Only 1 page, but we’re there! This isn’t a revelation by any means but still nice to see, took less than 3 full days:

Pages from your site are included in Google’s index. See Index stats.

Ironically it’s not the home page. But that will change soon:

First Link to Purple Widget | Purple Widget – An SEO Experiment

Still haven’t been indexed by Google, no surprise – it’s still only day 3. But I do nearly have a Facebook Fan Page ready for Purple Widgets but it’s not
www.purplewidget.com/random-thoughts/first-link-to-purple-widget/ – 2 hours ago – Similar pagesNote this

Still haven’t been indexed by Google, no surprise – it’s still only day 3. But I do nearly have a Facebook Fan Page ready for Purple Widgets but it’s not yet live so there are no links to Purple Widget on the web….until now!

I have posted a cute little celebrity video about voting on my personal blog Scotts2Cents.com and put a link back to here on that blog post. So there is an indexed site out there in the world linking here now! For those of you that just came from Scotts 2 Cents don’t worry you are not caught in some kind of black hole in the space time continuium. The Internet as you know it still exists. So register to vote.

I’ve taken a step toward getting “seen” on the web. A sitemap.xml file has been submitted to Ask, MSN and Google. I used a WordPress plugin to automate this process for me.


  • Your sitemap was last built on October 1, 2008 8:51 am.
  • Your sitemap (zipped) was last built on October 1, 2008 8:51 am.
  • Google was successfully notified about changes.
  • MSN was successfully notified about changes.
  • Ask.com was successfully notified about changes.
  • The building process took about 0.5 seconds to complete.
I have also added www.purplewidget.com to my Google Webmaster Tools account and told them about the sitemap.xml file.
The site, not surprisingly at all, is still not indexed. It’s been less than 48 hours since I went live.
With a sitemap.xml and my site added to Google Webmaster Tools, with the sitemap location submitted to Google it shouldn’t be long now. I’ll check again in the morning.

I’m glad you asked. As you can see by the title this site is an SEO experiment. So that clears it up – right. Thanks for stopping by.

Okay, a bit more. My name is Scott Endsley, I’m an SEO Marketing Strategist for VML in Kansas City. I’ve been doing search engine optimization for several years and have talked to many clients and potential clients about how being optimized for search engines can help their website attract more traffic and potential customers (i.e. sales!). Over the years of talking to clients who normally know little about what is an isn’t an optimized website and why it matters I’ve developed many examples of what is important. And to me, and I believe many SEO’s will agree on this one, one of the – if not the – most important aspect of optmizing any website is keyword research. One thing I’ve heard myself say over and over is the following: “You can rank #1 for purple widget on Google but if nobody is searching for purple widget it does you no good”. (more…)

Now that I’ve been live for a day and a half I figured I should get Google Analytics installed, as any SEO will tell you – you must have analytics on a website or you have no idea how and why people are getting to your website. Nobody is really visiting this site so it really doesn’t matter yet but soon I hope that might change.

I also installed All-In-One SEO for WordPress. WordPress by default is pretty search engine friendly, as our blogs in general, but this plugin provides a bit more flexibility and different options for optimizing a blog for search engine success.

So I still haven’t explained what this site is for and why it’s here. Don’t worry, it’s coming….coming soon….

I’ve been thinkg about it and talking about for a long time now and finally – I’m live!

You’ll be learning much more in the very near future about PurpleWidget.com but for now it’s important to know the following:

It is 7:47pm CT (that’s 8:47pm ET for those that don’t realize anything exists outside the East coast) on September 29th, 2008 and I have JUST launch this blog dedicated to Purple Widgets.

More coming soon….stay tuned!