Fresh Content Revisited

Don’t be alarmed – yes, you are seeing this correctly – a new post on Purple Widget!

I’d like to say that the lack of posts recently (okay, in the last 3 years) is part of the experiment – testing the concept and theory of needing fresh content. Clearly as this blog proves fresh content is not a must for keeping a #1 ranking – at least for an obscure, pointless keyword. Of course most of us in the SEO world are looking to rank for keywords that do actually get searched (even if clients don’t always get that key point) so do we need fresh content to rank for more popular keywords? Probably. But as always in SEO, there is no absolute right answer on this one. Certainly, amazing evergreen content has value – potentially a lot of value. But more often than not fresh content is a necessary element of a quality website that wants to establish good search engine visibility. Ideally you’d have a nice balance of both great evergreen content and a constant flow of new stuff that also kicks ass. The evergreen stuff has a built a lot of links, gotten a lot of social shares and continues to earn both while the new stream of content gets you more new links, comments and shows the search engines your site is active and of value to users.

Just some quick thoughts….I welcome your comments below.


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  1. Dude, is this lightningblitz?

    I just read your post about ranking “purple widget” and I loled, love your stuff if it is haha.

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