Full site indexed in Google

The entire Purple Widget website is now indexed in Google:


It shows all 16 pages that existed (before this post created a new page).

Of course we don’t rank in the Top 30 for the search term purple widget just yet – in fact we’re not in the Top 500 results, but it should be noted that my personal blog that links to this site is the # 24 result on Google right now for purple widget…this post just went up yesterday.

I believe we are seeing 2 things demonstrated here. First, blogs are well liked by Google. My personal blog carries little authority and is not updated too often. Yet, only a day after a new article shows up about purple widgets it is not only indexed but a Top 30 result for that term. My personal blog has been around several months – a very short time in terms of websites in the history of time – but it’s not brand new is my point. Of course – just a reminder, as is largely the point of this SEO experiment, the term purple widget offers little value as a search term due to it’s excessively low search volume therefore it has little competition. Secondly, we are seeing evidence that an element of ‘sandboxing’ is at play here. Scotts2Cents.com is a relatively new and small site with low authority but it has been around 8 months. And although indexed and clearly more content rich about purple widgets than my personal blog this site is not a Top 500 search result. This is not surprising but an interesting note.

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