So what is purple widget all about?

I’m glad you asked. As you can see by the title this site is an SEO experiment. So that clears it up – right. Thanks for stopping by.

Okay, a bit more. My name is Scott Endsley, I’m an SEO Marketing Strategist for VML in Kansas City. I’ve been doing search engine optimization for several years and have talked to many clients and potential clients about how being optimized for search engines can help their website attract more traffic and potential customers (i.e. sales!). Over the years of talking to clients who normally know little about what is an isn’t an optimized website and why it matters I’ve developed many examples of what is important. And to me, and I believe many SEO’s will agree on this one, one of the – if not the – most important aspect of optmizing any website is keyword research. One thing I’ve heard myself say over and over is the following: “You can rank #1 for purple widget on Google but if nobody is searching for purple widget it does you no good”. So here I am. Attempting to rank #1 on Google for the term “purple widget”. The blog will take you step-by-step – or close to it – through the process I’m taking to attempt to achieve this goal.

It should be pointed out that I really hate the color purple, I’m a Kansas University grad, contributor and huge fan so the color purple couldn’t be further from anything I like. But for some reason that’s the term I started using. Why not green widget or orange widget? I don’t really know – but through the course of this blog I will be exploring those terms as well.

Disclaimer – every website is different, every client is different and everybody has different needs to improve search engine rankings. The methods used and documented in this blog may or may not work for your website or any website. I’m also not going to bore you with every little detail. I guess my point is (about time isn’t it) about my disclaimer is simply don’t try this at home. I am a trained professional.

So how am I going to get a high ranking for purple widget? First I’ll say that everything I’ll be doing is generally considered playing fair. No sneaky tricks that may or may not be search engine “approved”, at least none intentionally. I’ll be attempting to create good content, getting some links to the site, maybe creating some buzz out there in the blogosphere, a few directory listings perhaps, etc, etc, etc… I’ll be sharing much of what I’ll be doing as part of the blog so stay tuned for the fun and excitement!

As of today the website is NOT in the Google index. Thus I have no ranking for the term purple widget and of course I have 0 pages indexed.

I have 0 inbound links to the site according to Link Diagnosis

None of this is surprising since I literally launched this website less than 48 hours ago. Hopefully all of this will soon begin to change.

Stay tuned….

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