Google Being Google – April Fools, Nope – I Got My Chromercise Finger Sweatbands

Google is well known for annual their April Fool’s Jokes – usually more than one and usually pretty funny. Learn more as Wikipedia has chronicled Google Hoax’s over the years.

In 2011 one of a series of videos, and of course a website, was chromercise – workout your fingers to better use the Google browser Chrome. As a big fan of Chrome this exercise regimen was a must for me. So although it seemed that it was nothing more than part of the joke when Google offered a sign up for free finger sweatbands at I signed up. I had completely forgotten about it, but yesterday in the mail look what I got:

Google Chromercise Finger Sweatbands

Google Chromercise Finger Sweatbands

Did you get your Google Chromercise Finger Sweatbands? Are you ready to get your workout on?

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