A googlegasm is unusual excitement and joy from anything Google.

I think I invented this word. I may not have, but I’m pretty sure I never heard it before I started using it. Urban Dictionary disagrees with me.

A few examples:

T-Mobile G1
The first so called “Google Phone” that ran Android – I pre-order site unseen and loved that phone! Googlegasm.

Nexus One
This true “Google Phone” blew away the N1 that I loved. I loved my Nexus One. Googlegasm.

Google Voice
I bought a local number on eBay months before Google released numbers to the public. Googlegasm. Google Voice kicks ass!

Google Maps
Think back 15 years ago to your options for a map. Now thank Google. Googlegasm.

Google Street View
Are you serious. Googlegasm.

Google Earth
How cool is Google Earth! Googlegasm.

Google Analytics
I don’t care what my good friends and respected professional web analysts colleagues say, Google Analytics is awesome for a FREE tool! Googlegasm.

Google Goggles
I’m not sure it’s entirely practical for many people but it sure is neat. Googlegasm.

A free image management tool that automatically finds your images, organizes your images and has some decent editing capabilities. And free online storage. Okay, okay it’s capped at 1 GB but 1 GB is a lot and extra storage is stunningly inexpensive. Googlegasm.

Android. Googlegasm.

I’m missing many I’m sure.

And there is a list just as long of failures. But at least recognizes their failures and moves on from them to come up with the next best thing. Like robot cars!

So, keeping with this being an SEO experiment – how long until this page ranks for ‘googlegasm’ – it’s 2:30pm CT on 10/22/10.

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