What Time is the SuperBowl?

What time does the Super Bowl start?

What time is the SuperBowl?

What time does Super Bowl XLV start?

Super Bowl Kickoff Time

When does the Super Bowl start?

What times does the Super Bowl start in 2011?

Why is this a question being asked on an SEO blog – simple, it’s asked many ways and MANY TIMES on search engines in the days leading up to the big game.

For the past few years, and I’d expect another one this year, Search Engine Land has had an article identifying the huge spike in this term each year. More importantly the fact that nobody was capitalizing on the potential to attract a lot of traffic. That was before Google caught on last year and started showing the answer above the search results. It remains to be seen if Google repeats this practice in 2011.

Now I don’t know about you but for as long as I can remember the game has started at the same time. Certainly it hasn’t always started at 6:20pm ET but in recent memory, it has. But I’m a football fan. A lot of non-football fans watch the Super Bowl so the question is asked a lot – what time does the Super Bowl actually start?

The answer itself is also inconsistent – thanks to TV. The TV stations want you to believe the game starts at 6:00pm ET so you’ll tune in then, when in reality kickoff is 20 minutes later. Never mind the hours of pre-game show leading up to the official broadcast time of the game itself. So when you do a search for Super Bowl start time you’ll find conflicting answers – when the TV people win, it’s 6pm ET, when it truly answers the question about kick off you’ll commonly see the correct answer of 6:20pm ET. Now – that’s not set in stone, sometimes all the pomp and circumstance takes more than 20 minutes and the actual kickoff may not happen until 6:27pm ET.

So it’s a question that is asked a lot and answered multiple ways.

My answer to what time does the Super Bowl start in 2011?

Main TV coverage at 6pm ET, 5pm CT, 4pm MT, 3pm PT

Kickoff approximately (should be no later than 10 minutes after, it used to be quoted at 6:27pm ET) 6:20pm ET, 5:20pm CT, 4:20pm MT, 3:20pm PT

So there you go, a complicated answer to a simple question about Super Bowl start time.

And just a few other details that most people already know:

Super Bowl XLV (that’s 45) is played in Dallas, TX at the new Cowboys Stadium and it’s the Green Bay Packers vs the Pittsburgh Steelers

Enjoy the game – and enjoy the commercials (which for my 2 cents just haven’t been very good in recent years, but that’s another blog post all together).

Last but not least, this is an SEO blog after all, will this post ever show up as a search result for the question? I doubt it – it won’t likely have any links – only a tweet or two, and maybe a Facebook post. But, we’ll see.

5 Responses to “What Time is the SuperBowl?”

  1. Per your comment at the end of this post. YES! It totally is ranking for some actually quite strong Super Bowl Terms… Granted it’s likely two year later, but still…

    I’ve also seen a lot of sites I haven’t touched in years suddenly rank out of nowhere for a wide range of terms and difficulty levels. The one that always seems to stand out in my mind is “Engagement Ring(s)” – #1 in Google.ca and first page in Google.com ! Strangest thing was I, nor could four or five other guys from the forum find ANY relation to Canada in the site’s history or anything to do with the country at all & trust me we checked everything possible! anyways the site had NO AnCHORS for engagement rings, only few similar terms from three blog comments on PR 0 & N/A sites totally off topic. Then it had a about 10 links from an Auto Blog about a new jaguar that had come out and the link from the 10 pages was a duplicate took using my first/last name as the anchor cuz I made a comment on the post using the HP of the site as the URL. That”s the entire link profile for those kind of positions! BTW, the ranks lasted for over a year with NO more changes or links!

    How did this original experiment go? Is the site ranking for lots of terms? Any of the other odd ball categories?

    Id sure appreciate learning about the experiment and what all u tested and how it ranked a year and two years ago compared to know… I’d def love to see the initial back link profile compared to the current one too.

    Email me please! Thanks

    MadisonSEO of SEOChat ( I’ve been inactive for two years though…)

  2. Seriously what time does the superbowl start this year????

  3. TV dictates exact kickoff time which is usually about 637 pm ET but be in front of the TV for official Super Bowl start time of 630pm ET.

  4. When’s the 2017 superbowl start? I don’t care about the old ones.

  5. 6:37pm Eastern Time for Super Bowl LI. The Super Bowl always kicks off at 6:37pm ET

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