Bing Scroogles Me – Bing Shopping Search FAILS – Maybe Calling out Google as Scroogle not a good idea

Are you kidding me Bing?

You launch a Scroogled campaign and I get this on your search engine?

I search “Minecraft Lego” on Bing. I get these results on the main SERP, they are barely decent but do include what I’m looking for (the 2 products on the left)






So I click the shop for minecraft lego link to get the fuller picture:




















So I click the first box, shows the product I want – $18 and up is a nice price.

I get this, not bad but things are about to very bad. I’m about to get Scroogled by Bing! Bingled? Scringed? Bait and Switch.






















I click go to store for the $18.99 price. Note both Base price and total price show $18.99

Look closely at what I got. Not only do I get a really crappy shopping page (not Bing’s fault of course – but this is the type of site they consider a quality search results. And look closely, right under the thumbnail.




That’s right – the actual price is $117.89!!! Now that’s what I called Scroogled. Bing shows me $18.99, actual price is nearly $100 higher.

So as Bing says “Payment is NOT a factor used to rank search results in Bing.”
Neither is accuracy apparently.











































Many, many search results are flawed, I certainly get that. And this is simply 1 incident (I’m sure we could all find many other examples however) and I do think Google’s decision to go to all paid search results for shopping was a mistake (remember – organic results on the main page are still pretty good for products) and the ads for the Scroogled campaign are pretty good the reality is that Bing results are far from perfect. Shopper beware – no matter what search engine you use.




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