Karma and another traffic analogy

Maybe I should be paying closer attention to the road when I drive but seeing a common irritant once again this morning as I completed the final 1/4 mile of my drive to the office put another SEO analogy in my head and how could I resist putting it on Purple Widget.

First, what happens at least a few days a week in front of where my office…it probably happens more but I see it a few times:
There’s a long stretch of a state highway that feeds into downtown from an area of town that has really grown the past several years so what was once kind of a nifty shortcut into downtown away from the Interstates is now a major artery into the city and traffic can back up quickly as it ends at a stop light at the edge of the city.
Since this road crosses the river there are little opportunities to get off and bail out when traffic gets particularly bad. The only exception (2 actually) is access to a frontage road (access road, service road) that is a public road and allows you to zoom along side the highway for a few miles and then remerge into the same traffic. So basically you can be a weasel and cut ahead of a mile or so of traffic. I hate people like that. So as I come from the opposite direction daily seeing this stream of weasels I think to myself – I hope there is in fact such a thing as Karma and I hope they get what they deserve someday – whatever that may be…

So how do I related this to SEO? Those people are taking shortcuts. Technically they aren’t doing anything illegal. It’s a public road they are using, and they aren’t speeding (well, I’m sure some are but that goes to my point – taking chances), they aren’t driving over the median or jumping a curb, slamming into other cars to get back into the traffic, etc…
But they are certainly treading a fine line of moral behavior? One could say (like me) that it’s a rude or cheezy thing to do. Why are these people better than the rest of us? Sit in traffic like the rest of us and we’ll all get there soon enough. Instead they ‘cheat’ and move up in traffic – ironically causing the overall traffic to slow down since now there is a line of cars merging back into traffic.
So as your website sits and patiently waits for your hard work on fundamental, white hat SEO to pay off otherwise are taking shortcuts and then trying to get back in line with the rest of us. They’re possibly taking chances but not technically breaking any rules. So do you believe in Karma? Do you believe that by playing by the rules and doing the right thing you’ll be rewarded in the long run and those taking shortcuts and tiptoeing a lot closer to the “line” perhaps crossing it now and then will eventually get caught and punished (Karma)?

You decide.

And just because I like saying it – PurpleWidget.com is still the # 1 result on Google for the search term “purple widget”

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