We’re Ranked!

And now, less than a week from launch this website is ranking for the term purple widget. I see us ranking 4th in Google (which is realistically the only engine that matters)!

Purple Widget - Ranked 4th on Google

Purple Widget - Ranked 4th on Google

Sorry about the small image – still learning WordPress. Click to view bigger!

Although Google is king, lets see how we’re doing elsewhere in just one weeks time:

Live.com – Not in top 50 – but that would be because we aren’t yet indexed by MSN Live Search

Yahoo! – Also not yet indexed.

It won’t be long, I need to create accounts on each sites equivelant to Google Webmaster Tools and make sure they know about us. I may wait to do this in the interest of seeing how long it takes to appear without this step.

No resting on our # 4 ranking! We’ll continue to work to not only maintain the ranking but to move up a bit. I will likely lay low for a while on doing much in the interest of seeing what happens and explore a common scenario that sites report – spiking early with a ranking but them falling down significantly before working slowly back up to again rank high. We’ll watch for a while and see what happens.

So in less than a week, purplewidget.com goes from nothing more than a recently registered domain name to the #4 search result on the #1 (by far) search engine. Focused content specific to the targeted keyword is all it took. The domain name doesn’t hurt either….I’ll explore that more in the future. But what will it take to move up 3 more spots – and stay there? We’ll find out in due time. So that’s the good news – the bad news remains that the search term ‘purple widget’ provides no real value or traffic – but that’s my point.

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