What drives SEO success?

This question was recently posed to me:

If I were to ask you the question “What drives SEO success”, not specific to any client, and I was a CEO, how would you answer me?

Here’s my response:

If you steal it, at least give me some credit 🙂

SEO success is driven by several factors that evolve over time, most of which are well guarded secrets by the search engines. Through years of experience, testing and research search marketers have identified key areas that lead to improved organic search engine visibility. It’s nearly impossible to simplify a very complex puzzle but the corner pieces to the pentagon shaped puzzle are quality keyword research; optimized page titles, meta data, and site navigation; fully optimized images, videos and social media strategies; a well built (search friendly) site with high quality, focused, fresh content – all helping to attract inbound links to a variety of pages throughout the site.

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