Google Being Google – April Fools, Nope – I Got My Chromercise Finger Sweatbands

Google is well known for annual their April Fool’s Jokes – usually more than one and usually pretty funny. Learn more as Wikipedia has chronicled


A googlegasm is unusual excitement and joy from anything Google. I think I invented this word. I may not have, but I’m pretty sure I never heard it before I started using it. Urban Dictionary disagrees with me. A few examples: T-Mobile G1 The first so called “Google Phone” that ran Android – I pre-order […]

Matt Cutts a State Trooper?

So I’m driving to work again today and as I merge from I-435 to I-70 (about 1/3 the way to the office) I see a Kansas state trooper will now be behind me on I-70. So my normal driving speed of 75-80 mph will be reduced today to the neighborhood of 70 mph (the speed […]

We’re Ranked!

And now, less than a week from launch this website is ranking for the term purple widget. I see us ranking 4th in Google (which is realistically the only engine that matters)! Sorry about the small image – still learning WordPress. Click to view bigger! Although Google is king, lets see how we’re doing elsewhere […]

Full site indexed in Google

The entire Purple Widget website is now indexed in Google: It shows all 16 pages that existed (before this post created a new page). Of course we don’t rank in the Top 30 for the search term purple widget just yet – in fact we’re not in the Top 500 results, but it should […]