I know there’s no magic bullet for SEO, but I need a magic bullet for SEO

As an SEO Specialist dealing with clients I have often said “there is no magic bullet for SEO” and then go on to explain that as many as 200 individual factors determine where you may rank for any given search, that those factors change often in both what they actually are and how important any […]

Google Analytics is Installed

Now that I’ve been live for a day and a half I figured I should get Google Analytics installed, as any SEO will tell you – you must have analytics on a website or you have no idea how and why people are getting to your website. Nobody is really visiting this site so it […]

Welcome to PurpleWidget.com

I’ve been thinkg about it and talking about for a long time now and finally – I’m live! You’ll be learning much more in the very near future about PurpleWidget.com but for now it’s important to know the following: It is 7:47pm CT (that’s 8:47pm ET for those that don’t realize anything exists outside the […]