Shifting Google Index

Interesting happenings the past few days. On Oct 3rd I reported that Google had all 16 of our pages indexed, a few days later they had just 1 and now they have 4. Odd. I’ll continue to monitor our indexing.

Full site indexed in Google

The entire Purple Widget website is now indexed in Google: It shows all 16 pages that existed (before this post created a new page). Of course we don’t rank in the Top 30 for the search term purple widget just yet – in fact we’re not in the Top 500 results, but it should […]

Google knows about us!

Purple Widgets is now LIVE in the Google index! Only 1 page, but we’re there! This isn’t a revelation by any means but still nice to see, took less than 3 full days: Pages from your site are included in Google’s index. See Index stats. Ironically it’s not the home page. But that will change […]

Sitemap submitted

I’ve taken a step toward getting “seen” on the web. A sitemap.xml file has been submitted to Ask, MSN and Google. I used a WordPress plugin to automate this process for me. Status Your sitemap was last built on October 1, 2008 8:51 am. Your sitemap (zipped) was last built on October 1, 2008 8:51 […]

So what is purple widget all about?

I’m glad you asked. As you can see by the title this site is an SEO experiment. So that clears it up – right. Thanks for stopping by. Okay, a bit more. My name is Scott Endsley, I’m an SEO Marketing Strategist for VML in Kansas City. I’ve been doing search engine optimization for several […]

Google Analytics is Installed

Now that I’ve been live for a day and a half I figured I should get Google Analytics installed, as any SEO will tell you – you must have analytics on a website or you have no idea how and why people are getting to your website. Nobody is really visiting this site so it […]

Welcome to

I’ve been thinkg about it and talking about for a long time now and finally – I’m live! You’ll be learning much more in the very near future about but for now it’s important to know the following: It is 7:47pm CT (that’s 8:47pm ET for those that don’t realize anything exists outside the […]