Matt Cutts a State Trooper?

So I’m driving to work again today and as I merge from I-435 to I-70 (about 1/3 the way to the office) I see a Kansas state trooper will now be behind me on I-70. So my normal driving speed of 75-80 mph will be reduced today to the neighborhood of 70 mph (the speed limit on this stretch of highway) – actually about 1 mph slower than the officer.

Once again I thought about SEO. Everyday I drive about 10 mph over the speed limit. I know there are state troopers out there, or local police. I see them sometimes sitting and shooting radar of course. Yet, I still exceed the speed limit. Maybe because I know of all the cars out there the odds are in my favor of not getting caught. And even if I do zoom by a cop at 80 mph, maybe he isn’t really paying attention or doesn’t really care. Maybe he’s a liberal and happy I’m driving a Prius so he lets me fly by….who knows. And just as an aside, I drive a Prius because I don’t want to spend money on gas. It’s nice that I’m saving the environment and all, but (despite a few social liberal tendencies) I’m no bleeding heart, the government must and will save us liberal I can assure you. But today, seeing the state trooper car driving next to me I slowed down and stayed right at the speed limit. So if the highway were search engine optimization, like it was yesterday, then the trooper is Matt Cutts. If you don’t know who Matt Cutts is you have really stumbled onto the wrong blog. Or you just really enjoy my ever so clever blurbs.

So do we speed (buy a link, stuff a keyword, etc…) even though we know the police (Google, Matt Cutts) are out there but since we don’t see them watching us we flirt with the white hat/gray hat/black hat line? But as soon as we know we’re being watched (have a state trooper driving next to you) do you make darn sure you’re following every Google best practice?

I may discuss in closed door meetings internally some “risky” techniques but I’m sure not going to stand up at an SEO conference session that Matt Cutts is sitting in and say “I’ve found a way to get one over on Google by doing this….”

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