Does fresh content REALLY matter?

I’ve said it before – heck, I say it often. Fresh content is needed to help drive SEO success. But how true is it?

I haven’t updated this site in over 4 months, and before that there was a rather long content drought as well. Yet, as of today this site remains in the #1 and #2 spots on Google for the targeted term of “purple widget”!

I think all of this simply goes back to my original point in creating this site, at least one of my points. The term “purple widget” has low competition and very little search volume so a site dedicated so extensively to ranking for that term can continue to do so, even without daily, weekly or even monthly new content. It was relatively easy (please note – I am a professional, do not try this at home) to get ranked to begin with and is relatively easy to stay ranked – for this insignificant term.

But if your site is competing for a term with any competition and that has any potential value to your business or traffic then to answer the question of this post – yes fresh content matters. Don’t go 4 months between posts.

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